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Three-Dimensional Mid-Air Acoustic Manipulation

Tech demo of setup able to levitate, control and maneuver small light objects in a 3D space using ultrasound waves, defying gravity - video embedded below:

The essence of levitation technology is the countervailing of gravity. It is known that an ultrasound standing wave is capable of suspending small particles at its sound pressure nodes and, so far, this method has been used to levitate lightweight particles, small creatures, and water droplets.

The acoustic axis of the ultrasound beam in these previous studies was parallel to the gravitational force, and the levitated objects were manipulated along the fixed axis (i.e. one-dimensionally) by controlling the phases or frequencies of bolted Langevin-type transducers. In the present study, we considered extended acoustic manipulation whereby millimetre-sized particles were levitated and moved three-dimensionally by localised ultrasonic standing waves, which were generated by ultrasonic phased arrays. Our manipulation system has two original features. One is the direction of the ultrasound beam, which is arbitrary because the force acting toward its centre is also utilised. The other is the manipulation principle by which a localised standing wave is generated at an arbitrary position and moved three-dimensionally by opposed and ultrasonic phased arrays. We experimentally confirmed that various materials could be manipulated by our proposed method.

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Scenery of Kotonoha no Niwa.

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James Chai Han Lee
'Suffuse:Red', 2013
mixed media on paper


James Chai Han Lee

'Suffuse:Red', 2013

mixed media on paper


Hyper Light Drifter: A Game By HeartMachine/Beau Blythe

Devlog: http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=35973.0;topicseen

really neat technique for getting a 3d model from a single image. Abstract: http://www.faculty.idc.ac.il/arik/site/3Sweep.asp


Here’s my 2nd year Calarts film!


The Sand Sea And the Plateau of Mirrors by Gabriele Brombin (Click for video)

A robot snake wraps itself around poles when thrown. Indiana Jones clearly had something like this built into his whip

crazy music video via uno moralez